Swami Pushkarini

Swami Pushkarini Tirumala

Swami Pushkarini poond lies within the sacred premises of Main Temple.A place of utmost reverence and religious significance, it’s believed that Lord Venkateswara himself bathed in this pond along with his consorts. In fact, the lake is considered to be as holy as the mighty River Ganges.

It is very usual and highly probable to find a water tank either just beside or nearby every Hindu temple constructed during the ancient and medieval times. The waters of the tank were strictly for temple purposes only - like for the God's "bath" that is a ritual and worship, cleaning and washing the temples insides and outsides, for use inside the temples for drinking purposes (Not in Tirumala, though), kitchens (if any) and by large, by the folk that stay and live by the temple like the priests' families and workers, for their daily uses.

The water's chief and famous uses are bathing and washing by the visiting pilgrims who take a dip or swim in it and, above all, for the temple's special occasions when the divine images are taken in the temple boat, in the tank waters. The water in the Swami Pushkarini is absolutely NOT stagnant OR infected. It has a state-of-the-art recycling facility and water is treated before it gets into and recycled continuously.

A dip in this highly sacred tank adjacent to the temple is considered a custom before entering the temple. According to the legend, Swami Pushkarini was a pleasure tank of Sri Maha Vishnu in Vaikuntam, and was brought and set on Earth by Garuda, for the sport of Sri Venkateswara. It is adjacent to the Sri Venkateswara temple. A bath in the Swami Pushkarini is believed to clean pilgrims of their sins and bestow temporal prosperity. Pilgrims bath here before entering the main temple. A bath in the holy tank purifies one's body and soul.

A bath in Swami Pushkarini is a merit bestowed on those who have done a lot of good in previous births. This provides salvation, moksha, to the devotee. The donation of Salagrama stone and a cow is recommended at this thirtha.


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  1. Can we take a dip in the Pushkarini in Aug 2017? Are there any restrictions on weekdays or otherwise?

    Please let us know.


  2. What time is the Swami Pusharini harathi on 23 June 2017? Can we observe this? And do we need tickets for this?

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