Sesha Theertham Tirumala

Sesha Theertham Tirumala

Legend of Sesha Theertham Tirumala

Sesha Theertham Tirumala,  is associated with Aadishesha or the Sheshnag of Lord Vishnu, who once stroked a torrent with his tail for quenching the thirst of Lord Vishnu. This site is known after Adishesha and is situated within the precincts of the main temple. Devotees who takes holy dip in this theertham usually offers jaggery, salt and pepper to pray for the betterment of their health. It is believed that pilgrims who take bath in this holy water can get relief from Sarpa Dosha

Bathing in this water is really refreshing and is said to wash away the evils and confer good fortune. Pilgrim can plan to visit this Holy site after finishing Darshan and visiting Theerthams nearby Main Temple.
The best time for visiting this place is during the rainy season, this place looks even more beautiful with greenery around and with white water gushing out of the rocks.
  • Pilgrims should trek deep down into forest from Papavinasanam Dam to reach Sesha Theertham.
  • Some of the interesting places on Tirumala Hills like Gogarbham, Papavinasanam, Venugopala Temple are located on the way to Akasha Ganga Theertham. Pilgrims can visit these places taking a free bus running by T.T.D or a Taxi.
  • Advise is that without proper guidance trekking can mislead the path.


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  1. I would like to visit all theerthams in tirumala…would u pleese let me know about the routs to theerthams and detail information about them

  2. Saranya Balachandran

    Could you please tell me how to book accommodation for 15 members. we need Rs 500 rooms.

    • Dear Madam,

      If possible book 2 Rs.2000 rooms to accommodate all. If are looking for Rs.500 then it should be 5 rooms for 15 members. Please create 2 login IDs and book 2 Rs.2000 at ttdsevaonline website

  3. DEAR KAMAL.sir my name anilkumar. mention.plese

  4. Hello sir,

    How many theertams are allowed to visit?? and how many of them can be shown by Sree ram..??
    How much would it cost for each person to visit all the theertams??


    • Dear Sir,
      1. Srivari Pushkarini
      2. Chakra Theertham
      3. Akasha Ganga Theertham
      4. Papavinasanam
      5. Gogarbha Theertham
      6. Japali Theertham
      7. Naga Theertham are easily accessible. For other theerthams it should be little trekking inside forest area.
      Sree Ram will not charge anything for this, it is free of service. He will be happy in guiding devotees.

  5. Dear Kamal sir,
    Thank you very much for the nice guidance given through this blog and through mail.
    (I am aged 51)
    Yesterday (21-04-2016) I had been to sesha theertham with two of our friends.
    Since there was less group of people, we awaited at papi gangamma temple at 6.00am,
    As advised by sreeram we awaited for minimum ten.
    After 6.30am we started with a group of 9 members.
    One man who was knowing the path came with us.
    On the way in some of the areas the arrow marked in the rocks were not clear
    because lot of bushes and foliage(dried leaves) hiding the path.
    After reaching the rocky area the route is clear.
    We reached by 9.30am. Since I know swimming I reached the sesha and had great the holy theertham
    on my head. Really it was a blessing from Lord vishnu. I am very much happy and I thought in my mind
    that atleast in this age God has given me this opportunity.

    My advise to those who wish to visit theertham.
    1. Please go in groups.
    2. Don’t take any thing other than one towel and small food pocket and one water bottle.

    Once again I thank you very kamal.

    • Dear Sir,
      Thank you so much for sharing your views.
      I will surely post these details in the website with your credentials

  6. 22 morning im at papanasanam any other people going to there.9962222540 in this number not responding properly

  7. tell me starting point at tirumala and distance

  8. It starts at 10.54 pm at 21st night and ends at 11. 41 pm at 22nd night. As per pournami time. It is auspicious time. While compare to all other teerthas this is special. adishesha is always near to vishnu in vaikuntam.

  9. c.varadharajulu

    i wish to come to seshstheertham please let me know correct date of opened/jorney in 2016

  10. pl mention theerthas date month

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