Tirumala Daily Sevas

Tirumala Daily Sevas

  • Suprabhatha Seva
  • Thomala Seva
  • Archana Seva
  • Ekantha Seva

Suprabhatha Seva In Tirumala

Suprabhatha Seva Timings: 3 A.M To 3:30 A.M

Suprabatha Seva Reporting Time: 2 A.M

Suprabhta Seva Detailed Description:

To participate in Arjitha Sevas , one has to go to Vaikuntam Q Complex (VQC) which is right opposite to Vijaya Bank. During Suprabhata Seva, for 11 months except Dhanur maasam, sri Venkateswara Suprabhatham , Prapatti, Mangalasaasanam rendered by Sri Prathivadhi Bhayankaran are recited and during Dhanur Maasam, Tiruppavai is recited.

This seva lasts for half an hour from 3 A.M. to 3.30 A.M.Though the reporting time for seva is 2 A.M, the devotees start gathering at VQC-I from 00:30 hours. The tickets are thoroughly checked by T.T.D authorities at various points enroute to temple. It takes about 20 minutes to reach the temple premises. There is no queue system followed here and you can literally see people racing towards the temple and obviously, the devotees who reach first would be standing very near to Dwaaram.

It may be mentioned that even today the Jeeyar heads all the activities of the temple . Every night after Ekanta Seva (Pavalimpu) is over, the doors of the temple are locked and sealed and the key is handed over to Jeeyar. The next morning, the Jeeyar comes along with the archakars and in his presence alone, the doors are opened. As a Yadava used to offer milk to Lord Srinivasa when he was resting in an anthill and as Lord Krishna was born in Yaadava kulam, even to this day, only the Yadavas have the privilege to have Lord Sri Venkateswara Viswaroopa darsanam first. The doors of Bangaru Vaakili are opened but we could not have Lord Srinivasa’s darsanam as a screen was put.

The pujaris who had accompanied Jeeyar recited Sri Venkateswara Suprabhatam starting with

“KOUSALYA SUPRAJA RAMA… .” Comprising of 29 slokams.

This is immediately followed by “KAMALAKUCHA … which is in praise of Lord consisting of 11 verses which is followed by VENKATESWARA PRAPATHI consisting of supplication of 16 verses and benediction starting with SRIYAH KANTAYAH.consisting of 14 verses.

Soon after this, the pujaris enter the garbagriham , light deepams and Utsava vigraham is removed from the bed . After suddhi, the curtain will be raised and for the most memorable Viswaroopa darsanam of Lord Venkateswara. Apart from having Srinivasa’s Viswaroopa Darshan, another advantage is that theertha prasaadam will be offered.


Thomala Seva / Tomala Seva In Tirumala

Thomala Seva Timings: 3:30 A.M

Thomala Seva Reporting Time : 3 A.M

Seva Detailed description:

After Suprabhata Seva, Suddhi takes place and Thomala Seva starts around 3.30 A.M. and lasts for 45 minutes. Devotee should report at 3 A.M for this Seva.

This is the seva wherein Lord venkateswara is adorned with all types of flowers. The pushpa kainkaryam done to Lord Srinivasa by Pradhana archaka. Thomala Seva is the seva where the Lord of Seven Hills is bedecked with beautiful, fragrant flowers.During this seva, THIRUPPAVAI is recited and many basketful of flowers are offered to the Lord. Devotees are allowed to sit and watch the seva for more than half an hour.

During 4.30 A.M. to 4.45 A.M., Koluvu takes place wherein the accounts of the previous day are read out. This is not Arjitha Seva and is held in privacy. After the accounts are read out, the same is read out in front of Sri Govindaraja Swamy at Tirupati as it is believed that Sri Govindaraja Swamy had lent money to Srinivasa for His wedding and as Lord Srinivasa promised to repay Sri Govindaraja Swamy till the end of Kali yugam, Srinvisa promised to repay Sri Govindaraja Swamy. Hence, every day , the accounts are read out in front of Sri Govindaraja Swamy.

Archana Seva in Tirumala

Sahasranama Archana Seva in Tirumala

Archana Seva Timings : 4.45 A.M. to 5.30 A.M

Archana Reporting Time: 4:00 A.M

Archana Seva Detailed description:

On completion of Thomala Seva, The next and most important seva is the Archana Seva. Archana or Sahasranamarchana seva (1000 Name Recital) is performed to the main deity Lord Venkateshwara amidst chanting of his one thousand names.

Every day Archana is performed thrice to Lord Venkateswara- one in the morning (Only during morning archana, the devotees are allowed to participate on all days except Friday, Saturday, Sunday and during Brahmotsavams).The seva ticket is Rs.220/- which is worth it.The second archana is performed in the noon in Ekanatham and the third archana is performed in the evening.

During Archana, the devotees are allowed to sit in front of Lord Venkateswara for nearly half an hour and watch Archana which is a real feast to the eyes. 1,008 names of the Lord are recited slowly and clearly by a pandit.Inside the garbagriham, another pujari does Pushpa Archana at Lord Venkateswara’s holy Feet. Earlier DD process booking was there in place, but now TTD has removed this feature and it is going to online booking.

Ekantha Seva or Panuppu Seva or Pavalimpu Seva

Ekantha Seva Starting Time: 1:30 A.M

This is the final ritual in the daily sevas. During Ekanta Seva for 11 months in a year except Dhanur Maasam, the silver idol of the main diety, Sri Bhoga Srinivas Murthy vigraham is seated on the velvet bed in the swinging golden cradle in Sayana Mandapam. A descendant of Annamacharya the poet devotee of the Lord, sings Annamayya keerthanas to put the Lord to sleep. Tarigonda Vengamamba's Harathi is performed in a plate inlaid with the pearl-studded image of one of the Dasavatharas, a different plate and different Avathara for each day.Perfumed sandalwood paste biscuits are placed at the feet of the Lord Sri Venkateswara and on the chest of Bhoga Srinivasa murthy and Alamelumanga. During Ekantha Seva, The Lord is offfered sweets, milk, fruits etc .

During Dhanurmasa, Lord Krishna is put to sleep in this cradle instead of Lord Sri Venkateswara.




    Hello Sir,
    I am Shiva Kumar. Dhandin from Ballari, Karnataka, we want to come to take darshan of Lord Venkateswara Swamy on 14-01-2017, our family members are having 6 persons, please let us know about aarjeetha sevas, and which one is suitable to us. Sree Venkateswaraya Namaha.

  2. Lakshmi Rangaram

    Sir, what is the timing for angapradhasam tokens. Thank you.

  3. How can i get the thomala seva Ticket

    • HI SIr,

      In online tickets are fully booked so on arrival you can book at cro office through the lucky dip bookings.


  4. Hi,

    Please le tme know when and where the ekantha seva ticke tis given

  5. Sir
    I would like you people to open the quota during the night time as many of the people(like me ) who would like to book the tickets are job holders where we are restricted to use our mobiles for personal use
    This is a request

  6. Maynaga Balakrishnan

    Vanakkam sir,

    22 Feb 2017 we would like to see subrapatham, is there ticket available for 3 person. Please advise.
    Thank you

  7. Hi,

    Can I avail accommodation for self (for me) alone if I book through online (either Rs.100/- or 500/-) as I’m planning to visit Tirumala in next month. Please confirm so that I can book the accommodation through online.


  8. Hello Sir,
    I’m planning to visit tirupathi in Feb from 18th to 21st.
    Can you suggest which of the Seva is best and can be booked easily from online?
    Also I have 3 years old kid, does she need any ticket?
    also for FEB quota when should we get it booked?


    • Hi Sir,

      you can book vasathothsavam or sahasra deepalankara seva,also under 12 yrs kid no need tickets.can book in ttdsevaonline.


      • Hi kishore,
        Im thinking about daily sevas (suprabatha,archana…etc).
        Which of it is better?
        Which can be booked online easily whn should we get it booked for Feb month?

      • HI Sir,

        all sevas is better but till march tickets are booked so you can book for april month on jan 6th at 11 am at ttdsevaonline



    i am un married. can i perform kalyanastovam to swamyvaru? if i can perform please tell when to book the tickets. i haven been observing ttdonline since 2 years. every time i viist the tickets are booked or quota full. please guide me.

    • HI Sir,

      kalyanothsavam can be perform by only couple at tirumala, so if you want to perform for marriage purpose then you cando at “srinivasa managapuram ” near tirupathi.


  10. Dear Sir,
    We wanted to book Thomala Seva for the month of Aug 2017, can you tell me when would the booking would start for online.

    Thanks in advance.


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