Tirumala Accommodation Allotment Procedure

Tirumala Accommodation Allotment Procedure

Tirumala Accommodation Allotment Procedure, Location, Counter Timings and Booking procedure

General Room allotment Counters in Tirumala

  1. Central Reception Office (CRO) General  - Located right opposite to Tirumala bus station
  2. Kousthubham Rest house - Located Backside of CRO office
  3. MBC 34 - Located near JEOs office
  4. Padmavathi Enquiry - Backside of Tirumala Bus station
  5. Sannidhanam Rest House

General Room allotment Counter Timings: 6 am  - 10:00 pm

General Bookings at Allotment Counters

  1. Counter operates from 6 am - 10 pm
  2. Only one room will be allotted for 1 day
  3. Rooms are allotted on First-Cum-First Serve basis
  4. Bookings will be easy on Tue,Wed and Thu as the crowd will be minimal . It may not apply on special days.
  5. One can visit any of the listed counters for room allotment in Tirumala.

Internet Bookings Room allotment Counter

  1. Internet Bookings will be allotted at ARP counter which is right opposite to CRO office
  2. Counter Timings: Opens for 24 hours
  3. ID proof required room allotment
  4. Caution deposit is not required as room extension will not be provided

Donor Cell Room allotment counter

  1. Donor Cell Room allotment counter shifted to Adiseshu Rest house, which is located near MBC guesthouse
  2. Donor Cell operates from 6 am - 10 pm
  3. Room will be allotted for a day
  4. During Special days such as Brahotsavam, Vaikunta Ekadasi, Vaikunta Dwadasi..etc, rooms are allotted for the cottage donors only.


Room allotment at CRO office

S.No Room Cost Room allotment
2 Rs.100 Sudarshan, Kalyani Guesthouse,  SNGH, Varahaswamy Guesthouse, Rambagicha guesthouse (Hot water in common area)
3 Rs.150 Narayanagiri Guesthouse, Vikas guesthouse
4 Rs.500 Kausthubham guesthouse, Panchajanyam
5 Rs.600 Nandakam
6 Rs.750 MBC
7 Rs.1000 MBC
8 Rs.1500 SM Guesthouse, SPT, TBC, ATGH
9 Rs.2000 Padmavathi Guesthouse

I will try to get more info on the room allotments at CRO office Tirumala.


Current booking


  1. Please let us know the status by step procedure for getting room in TTd with new room allocation policy from july12, 2017

  2. Aditya Pasuparthi

    Hlo sir i want to book room for 12th and 13th of october in tirumala can i please know how to book online

  3. Sir I need six hundred room pls can you arrange for me on 22-8-2017

  4. respected sir,
    please inform the procedure for accomadtation in doners cottage

  5. M Seshagirirao

    Will it be definite to get a room in Nandanam guest house if we book Rs600 room online? Or there any other rest houses of the same cost in Tirumala?

  6. sir i want room booking on 01.10.2017 when does online accommodation released?

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