Srisailam Rooms Booking

Srisailam Rooms Booking

Srisailam Rooms Booking procedure, Community Based Cottages, and Food facilities.

Srisailam Rooms Booking in Online

  1. Online booking is available for Chandeeswara Sadanam, Pathaleswara Sadanam, Ganga Sadan, Gouri Sadan, Mallikarjuna Sadan and Cottages
  2. Room are allotted at Central reception office for online and current bookings.
  3. Room Check-in time: 8 am and check out time 8 am on the next day
  4. Anything after 8 am will be considered as the room extension
  5. Security deposit of One-day tariff to be paid at the time of room allotment.
  6. The Room will be allotted only to the person on whose name booking is made.
  7. Ganga Sadan, Gouri Sadan, Pathaleswara Sadan, and Mallikarjun Sadan are close to the main temple.
  8. Chandeeswara Sadan is little away from the temple.
  9. Online booking is available at srisailamonline website
  10. Cancellation is not available.


Srisailam Rooms Booking at Community Based cottages

  1. Community-based cottages are located close to the temple.
  2. Reddy community, Kapu Community, Brahmin Community, Kamma Community, Padmasali community, Arya Gowda Ediga, Arya Vysya community, Valmiki community, SadaSiva Veerashyva Anna Satram etc.
  3. Rooms are allotted under current booking.
  4. Cottages are equipped with basic amenities.
  5. Kamma, Arya Gowda Ediga, Padmasali are located right opposite to bus station
  6. All community-based cottages are providing free food at cottage itself.


Srisailam Rooms Booking at Mutts

  1. Sri Sringeri Sankar Mutt which is in the main temple street
  2. Sri Veera Bhadra Bhiksavarthi Swamy Mutt is located in the temple street. Phone number: +91 8524 288202
  3. Booking at mutts can be done by endowment department.
  4. Online booking is not available for these mutts.


Other facilities

  1. Vehicles can be parked at cottages or at parking space available right next to Central Reception office which is close to the main temple.
  2. Cloakroom and Free Shoe keeping centers are available at the temple entrance.


Srisailam Rooms Booking



Reference Link: Temple History


  1. How to book a room in srisailam online because by searching in internet they are saying there is no online booking. Then how to plan our tour!
    R Venkatesh

    • HI Sir,

      yes sir there is no online booking for srisailam on arrival you can try for the accomadation


  2. Ganesh Renukuntla badangpet almasguda , .mobile.no7382809882

  3. Iam come 23rd evening 7pm please book one room

  4. P Akkaiah Choudhary

    we are reaching 04.02.17 after noon around 1 PM. required 4 AC rooms for 15 members at Kamma Satram. kindly inform web site address for booking online at Kamma Satram

  5. Please give me a room

  6. Please give me room

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