Sri Kalahasti Temple Darshan Seva Timings

Sri Kalahasti Temple Darshan Seva Timings

Sri Kalahasti Temple Darshan Seva Timings

Timings Event/Seva/Pooja
4:30 am Mangala Vayidyam
4:45 am Thirumanjanam
4:50 am Gopooja
5:00 am Suprabhatham
5:30 am Sarva Darshanam
6:00 am 1st Kaala Abhishekam
6:25 am Naivedyam (Daddojanam (Curd rice))
6:50 am Naivedyam (Pulihora + Daddojanam (Curd Rice))
7:00 am 2nd Kaala Abhishekam
8:00 am Naivedyam (Pulihora + Uppu Pongal (Salt Pongal))
9:00 am Parivara Devathala Naivedyam (Pulihora)
9:30 am Nitya Utsavam
10:00 am 3rd Kaala Abhishekam
10:15 am Chandi and Rudra Homa (Chakera Pongali + Pulihora)
11:00 am Nitya Kalyanam
11:30 am Maha Nivedana + Pulihora
5:00 pm Pradosha Kaala Abhishekam
6:00 pm Naivedyam (Vada, Payasam, Pulihora + Chakkera Pongal)
6:15 pm Maha Deeparadhana
7:00 pm Parivara Devathala Naivedyam (Pulihora)
9:00 pm Ekantha Seva



  1. Sunday timings sir…..

  2. I am visiting Tirupathi and Kalahasthi temple on 7.3.17.I have booked for my Special Darshan at Tirupathi in the 13.00 hrs.Will I be able to perform Kalasrpa pooja at Kalahasthi after my Darshan at Tirupathi on the same day.How long it takes for the Pooja.
    If i have to perform Rahuketu pooja can I take my wife and Daughter together witth me while performing the Kalasarpa pooja and Rahukethu pooja.


    • Hi Sir,

      next day you can able to perform the pooja at kalahasthi and timings for pooja during rahu kalam is 1:30 pm to 3pm.


  3. Naresh Talakokkula

    The Navagraha is done srikalahasti or only kalasarpa dosham will done there

  4. Gireeshkumar, Karakulam

    Dear sir,

    I am from Trivandrum, Kerala. I would like to perform Rudrabhishekham Pooja and Kala Sarppa Dosha Nivarana Pooja on Saturday. If I reach there by early morning, will it be possible for me to complete both the poojas before afternoon, so that I can return that day itself by train.

    Please advise

    • HI Sir,

      due to mahakumbabhishekam now rudrabhishekam is not available also rahu kethu pooja is performing but there is no darshan so please plan after feb 8th and you can perform it both on one day.


  5. Dear Sir, I am from Trivandrum (Kerala). I am planning to do Rahu-Ketu pooja on a Saturday in Dec, 2016 depending on train ticket availability.

    Will it be possible to return home in the afternoon, if I cam come to temple early morning around 6 AM .. So that I can plan for a train back to Trivandrum at 2.30 PM on Saturday itself.. How long will the pooja took to finish ?

    will there be any dormitory facility near the temple? Please advice.

  6. Dear Sir, Madam,

    I want to perform Rudra Abhishekam on 24th Feb. [Mahashivratri] and also the Rahu ketu etc pujas. Can you please advise the timings & the Tickets costs for the same.

    Also advise the procedure for the bookings.



  7. Dear Sir, Want to do the Abhishekam seva on 26.11.2016, Will be arriving on 26.11.16 early morning. Can I book for the seva online. Or how should I do it. – Thanks.

  8. Is there any ashramam to stay overnight in temple or nearby temple as we are travelling from malaysia.

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