Supadam Darshanam during Brahmotsava

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Swathi asked 10 months ago

Dear sir,

we are planning to vist tirumala with our 10 month old baby to offer first hairs and darshanam of lord Venakteswara during first week of october 2016. As there is brahmotsava during 2nd to 12th of october2016 , Will supadam darshnam( parents with infant) be available during brahmotsava?

if darshanam available, approximately how much time will it take for the darshanam.Are there any better options for darshanm with infant during brahmotsava.

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kamal Staff answered 10 months ago

Dear Madam,

Supadam may not be available during Brahmotsavam days. It is good to plan after Brahmotsavam so that crowd will come down.

12th is quite ok for Darshan. preferable will be from 17th Oct