Physically Challenged Darshan in Tirumala

Physically Challenged Darshan in Tirumala

Physically Challenged devotees do have special Entrance in Tirumala through Special entrance for Darshan.

Physically Challenged devotees are allowed for Darshan Daily in two schedules.

Darshan Timings for Physically Challenged devotees : 10 A.M and 3 P.M. Reporting Time at Entrance Near Tirumaa Nambi Temple in South Mada Street is 8 am and 1 pm.

Suptham Entry has no ticket for Privileged peopled, no need to purchase ticket for this.

Inorde to avail this benefit, devotee should be there are at Entrance well in advance, as Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams Staff will allow pilgrims in batches.

One batch is allowed at 10 A.M and second batch is at 3 P.M , if you are late then you need for second batch.

General Questions with respect to Physically Challenged Darshan in Tirumala

1) Supatham is 100 feet to 200 Feet from Vaikuntam Queue Complex entrance.

2) Plan to be early at Supadam Entrance.


Physically Challenged Darshan Terms and Conditions

  1. It is a free darshan and are allowed with Senior citizens darshan
  2. Wheel chair is available for transportation from Srivari Temple entrance.
  3. Srivari Sevakulu will be assisting the devotee during Darshan timings.
  4. Devotee should report 2 hours in advance at Senior citizen entrance for enrollment.
  5. There is no limit on the Darshan times, One can have darshan as many time as they feel like
  6. Facilities such as milk, water will be provided to the devotee during darshan time.
  7. Srivari Sevakulu will be available all the time for their support.
  8. If devotee is unmarried one person will be allowed for assistance.
  9. If person is married, then spouse and his/her kids (below 12 years ) will be allowed for darshan.



Supadam Entry Video




  1. Dear Sir,

    My mom underwent a heart surgery and unable to walk long. but she can walk few steps with support. i want to get her for lord balaji dharshan. i have few doubts, can we driver her till supdham counter. from there can she be taken for dharshan without any need of long walk.

    any evidence documents required to carry.

    thanks in advance. God bless you all.

    • Dear sir,
      Some can accompany the patient Devotee, if the devotee is completely dependent. You can accompany upto supdama counter.

      thank you..

  2. hariprabhu nammalvar

    Can you please give information about the transport facilities to reach the temple from foothills for completely wheelchair bout devotees and other facilities in tirupati

    • Hi Sir,
      they will provide wheel chair from supadam entrance to the temple entrance and to reach the temple you can avail any private transportation.

      Thank You.

  3. Dear Sir,

    My mother (aged 63) had a major surgery last month and won’t be able to walk so much.Can she use this queue .. can i accompany her.

    • Hi Madam,
      she can avail physically challenged dharshan and one person can accompany her if she cannot walk properly.

      Thank You.

  4. Hello
    My grandmother can’t walk even a single step.. can ttd provides wheelchair from parking space to darshan n back to parking space??

  5. WE 4 OF ARE TRAVELLING TO TIRUPATI on 17th June, My mother in law is 83 physically challenged cannot walk long distance but can manage with walker for a short distance and her last wish to visit balaji, do you recommend and i’m 52 can i accompany her and my aunt is 80 but will be able to walk , can her son accompany her.
    Please suggest.

    • Dear sir,
      Along with senior citizen they will allow one person
      Thank You.

    • I need to thank you all the volunteers and police personal of Tirumala devasthanam, my mother in law 82 yrs , unable to walk even a step, i took the risk of visiting tirupati with my aunt who is also aged 80 with help of her driver (my aunt son). It was against everyone wishes i started @ 6am Bangalore and reached 1pm ,she was not able to move an inch due to leg swelling, i lost hope of taking her , but the police personal and the seva karthas from TN carried her like a baby did her id/biomeric and placed her in electric car, again the same seva kartha(ramamurthy) carried her walked her for the entire temple, she had divine darshanam, including me and my aunt also.. we came out by 3:45 after darshanam.

      • Hi Sir/Madam,
        we are happy that you all could have a wonderful dharshan of the Lord.

        Thank You.

  6. my mother in law uses walker but she may need wheel chair from car to the entrance then she can walk with help of that , IS the distance more to walk till the balaji darshanam.

    we are coming with two senior citizen one disabled 82 aged and other lady 79 aged , can two of us accompany the two aged ladies , we are also above 50.

  7. Respected sir, I’m neelakantarao suffering physically disabled with 57% which is certified.. I want to take darshan with my son he is 23years it available? Is it free to my son?

    • Namasthe sir,
      If you are completely dependent, TTD may allow one volunteer.

    • Vandana Purohit

      I am Ms. Vandana K Purohit I am coming to Lord Balaji’s Darshan on 25th June 2017 I have a Mental Retarded and vision problem 60% sister coming for Lord Balaji’s Darshan. Can I accompany my Sister for darshanam. What are are charges we have to pay for Special Darshan.

      Is Escort services available for senior citizens.

      • Dear Madam,

        Yes, you can accompany your sister. Please carry original medical certificates at the time of entrance. It is free of cost Darshan no need of ticket for this.
        Yes, Escort service is available for the senior citizens.

        Thank you.

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