Patients Tirupati Darshan

Patients Tirupati Darshan

Patients Tirupati Darshan Procedure

Devotees with severe ailments can avail special darshan thru Senior citizens darshan entrance.

Patients are allowed for Darshan Daily in two schedules.

Darshan Timings are 10 A.M and 3 P.M.

Reporting Time at Senior Citizens Darshan Entrance is at 8 am or 1 pm.

Patients eligible: Heart Patients/ Asthma Patients/ vital parts removed from the body.


General Questions on Senior Citizens Darshan in Tirumala

  1. Please carry medical certificates which explain severity.
  2. The only privileged person is allowed to queue , no friends and relatives are allowed along with devotee.
  3. Tirumala Nambi Temple is located beside the main temple in the south mada street.
  4. The ticket is not required to avail this benefit. It is free of Cost.
  5. There is no limitation with respect to Darshan within a month.
  6. One assistant will be allowed with the patient for assistance.
  7. Tickets will be issued only at the entrance. Online booking is not available for this entry.


Reporting timings


  1. Yarramsetty Surya Narayana Murthy

    Hi my father age is 52 and two years back he had a open heart Major surgery will he can be able to get special darshan

    • Hi Sir,
      he can get patients dharshan you have to report at supadam gate in tirumala. Darshan Timings are 10 A.M and 3 P.M.Reporting Time is at 8 am and 1 pm.

      Thank You.

  2. Sir, namaskaram. My father is 87 yrs and had an operation and now lives with pace maker in his heart. Can he get special darshan ? Also he cannot be left alone and cannot walk for more than 5 min. Can I accompamy my father for special darshan, that too from a closest entrance possible for quick darshan. I can bring his medical reports and show you.

    • Dear sir,
      you have to take medical reports along with your father,you will be allow for patient dharshan at supadham
      Thank You.

  3. Hello , My father is gangrene patient and his toe is amputated. He cannot walk much and my sister has some problem in leg. Can they both avail patient entry in tirumala?

  4. My mother is a heart patient, her EF is very low. She cannot walk much distance in single. Can she avail senior citizen entrance??
    Her age is 58. Can my aunt allowed with her as a helper??

    • Hi Sir,

      yes any body can accompany with your mother they can avail the patient darshan carry the medical reports at the time of entry.


  5. My dad is transplant patient is he allowed to do darshan ??

  6. hi
    my mother is cancer patient Is that she as is allowed

  7. Neelamegam A

    Dear sir,

    My wife age 52 is having pain in both knees and unable to stand more than 10 min. can she and myself accompany her and both can be allowed through the main enterence? then what are the proof we required to show? Please advice me.

    Thanking you

    Best Regards
    Neelamegam A

    • HI Sir,

      From main etrance may not allowed sir you can get the medical reports of your wife and you can walk through the Nambi temple entrance if they consider the reports.



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