Tirumala darshan crowd today

Tirumala darshan crowd today

Tirumala darshan crowd today status:

Crowd is Normal.

15 compartments in Vaikuntam 2 Queue Complex is filled Divya Darshan Ticket Holders.


Suggestions on Tirumala Darshan

1) Best Time for Tirumala Darshan is on Weekdays i.e Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday.

2) It is always good idea to plan Tirumala Trip with Pre-booked Tirumala Darshan Tickets. Divya Darshan Ticket timings varies a lot.

3) If you are not able to get accommodation in Tirumala, then look for Srinivasam Complex and Madhavam Guest House Accommodation in Tirupati. Plan to stay in Tirupati rather than looking for accommodation  Tirumala.

4) Tirupati to Tirumala usually takes 30 minutes by Road so it is easily accessible.

5) During major festival periods like Brahmotsavam, Rathasapthami and Other Utsavams, plan your activities.


Please leave your queries,comments or suggestions on Tirumala darshan crowd today below, we will get back to you queries at the earliest.



  1. Hi Kishore,

    Appreciate the very useful information you have put in here.

    I wish to visit temple on 23-05-2017 Tuesday through footpath in the morning. I will get a Divya Darshan ticket.

    I also have a Special Darshan ticket for 4 pm.

    In your opinion, which of the two options (i) Divya Darshan (ii) Special Drashan I should use to have a shorter time in que?


    • HI Sir,

      You can use the 300 rs darshan ticket for your darshan so that you can finish your darshan very soon.


  2. Hi Sir,

    How about May 20th and 21 rush is more,how much time will take it for darshan

    • HI Sir,

      There will be a crowd due to weekend and for free darshan it may take 12 hrs it will take.


      • Hi Sir,
        I’ve booked special darshan on 25th May, Thursday. any idea how much time will take for darshan. Thanks

      • HI Sir,

        crowd is expected due to vacations so it may take around 4 hrs for darshan.



    I book a ticket of special dharshan on Aug 14th at 11:00 AM. Reporting place ATC car parking area. How much distance from CRO office, because We book accommodation also on that day for 100/-. Reporting at CRO office.

  4. Sir how much crowd on 28 may 17

  5. Sir please tell me today how much time taking for free darshanam

  6. Hi Sir,

    How much time it will take for Divya Darshan on Sunday?
    Please let me know

    Thanks and Regards,

  7. Hello we are planning to visit Tirumala on May 4th directly after marriage from Nellore. We have already booked Rs.300 tickets for darshan at 5:30pm. Is there any other option available for newly married couple??

    • Hi Sir,

      Darshan is available for newly married couple on arrival you can contact at supatham entrance.


  8. how is the crowd today & tomorrow? can we book special dharshan ticket for tomorrow?

  9. Hi I have 300rs ticket for 11 am darshan .I Wii reach 2.00am tomorrow,I plan to go divadarsan,what time is best ,before or after spl. darshan.ple let me know timeout also

    • HI Sir,

      You can get divya darshan tokens valid for 24 hrs so first plan for 300 rs darshan and then plan for pedestrian darshan.


  10. How much time taken for dharsanam by walk please tell me sir

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