Nagalapuram Surya Pooja Dates

Nagalapuram Surya Pooja Dates

Nagalapuram Surya Pooja Dates, Timis

The Annual Surya Pooja Mahotsavam will be held from 24th Mar - 28th Mar. During this time, Sunrays pass through the Sanctum Sanctorum and falls on the deities feet on the first day, navel on the second day and crown on the third day.

To mark this special event, float festival will be celebrated from 24th Mar - 28th Mar, in the evening hours. ie. 6:30 pm - 7:30 pm.

On the first day, Sri Vedanarayana Swamy will be taken out on Teppa with his Consorts Sridevi and Bhudevi.

On the second day, Sri Vedanarayana Swamy procession with His consort Godadevi and on the third day as Sita, Rama, Lakshman.

Devotee who will have Darshan on these days can watch this astronomical marvel.



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