Kumaradhara Theertham Trekking

Kumaradhara Theertham Trekking

Kumaradhara Theertham Trekking, Date and Timings

Date: 12th Mar 2017

Timings: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm

Distance from Papavinasanam: 7 km

Distance from Kumaradhara Dam: 2.5 -3  km

It is free entry for this Theertham.

Devotees can start by 5:30 am itself to avoid dehydration. Advisable to carry a water bottle.

From Papavinasanam entry point, it takes 1 hour 30 mins to reach Theertham. It is trekking uphill for 1 hour and next 30 mins walk on the plain.

Devotees can reach by Car to Kumaradhara Dam from where Theertham is 30 mins trekking. From Dam, it is downhill so easy to walk to this place.



  1. Does this kind of events occur every month ? Please throw some light. I can make it to such kind of events as I stay in Tirupati.

  2. Dear Gotirupati Team,
    Thank you very much for guidance.
    I had my kumaradhara theertham bath on 12-03-2017.
    Morning TTD permitted from Papavinasanam Dam by 6.20AM.
    As indicated after 1 Hr uphill trekking reached Kumadhara Dam,
    from there downhill trekking for 15 min.
    TTD made a New Steel Ladder to get down to Falls from a Big Rock.
    But being very narraow Ladder either people can get down or Climb up.
    Since TTD employees regulated the crowd, all went very smooth.
    Once again thanks to TTD and Gotirupati Team.

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