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Detailed information on journey to Tirumala by Bus

Travel Distance From Tirupati Bus Station To Tirumala : 22 Km

Journey Time from Alipiri Entrance to Tirumala : Approx 45 mins

Bus frequency : Every 30 mins

R.T.C Buses are running from Tirupati Main Bus station, Srinivaasam Complex ( which is opposite to Bus station) and Balaji Link Bus station(which is located Near to Alipiri Entrance Gate).


After crossing Balaji Link Bus station which is near to Alipri , there you will find GARUDA statue right at the entrance of Alipiri


Balaji Link Bus Station copy

Garuda at alipiri copy

Actual travel distance between Tirupati and Tirumala may be higher or vary due to curvature of the road.

Actual Journey to hill shrine starts from Alipri Toll after clearing all security checks

Alpirir copy

Alipiri Toll 3 copy

And Tirumala Ghat Section will be in this pattern , do remember that it is of curvature structure


Chant  Govinda Hari Govinda !! this mantra will drive out all your worries.

Tirumala Curvature copy

Tirumala Root copy

Glance the beauty of Seshachalam hills greenery and breath the fresh air. I would advise pilgrims to plan day trip to Tirumala Hills to view the forest.


Tirumala EntranceTirumala Entrace


Travel Distance From Tirupati Bus Station To Tirumala : 22 Km

Journey Time from Alipiri Entrance to Tirumala : 40 min

Bus frequency : Every 15 mins

R.T.C Buses are running from Tirumal To Tirupati

Return journey from Tirumala will take more time as we are driving down from Hills so Usually Bus will be running at minimal speed.

Too many curves will be there till you reach Tirupati.

Return map copy

Return map2 copy

Tirumala return map copy

Garuda statue copy

  • To Journey Tirumala don't have much curvature so you can relax
  • Devotees who had Journey Sickness need not to worry as curves will be there for 5 km only
  • Pilgrims no need to worry on Bus frequency while going and Returning from Tirumala
  • Please strictly follow Suggestions from T.T.D on carrying eatables to Tirumala



  1. HI,
    We will be reaching tirupati at 2:30 Am.At what time buses will start to tirumala from tirupati?


  2. Sir I am plan tomorrow to visit Tirupati balaji18.Dec 2016 how many hours for darshan special darshan ticket show full in online

  3. Hello,

    i am rajendra from mumbai planning to visit tirpuati. i will be reaching on saturday afternoon flight & leaving on monday after noon flight.
    during my stay i would to have darshan of lord balaji also perform the shani pooja & rahu ketu pooja at sri kalhasti.
    pls guide me to plan my itinerary within the given time.


  4. what is the last bus timings from Renigunta to Tirupathi or any avilabe services direct to tirumala

  5. Hi Kamal Sir

    We are 32 pilgrimage (25 Adult and 07 children) are visiting tirumala on 02 Nov 2016 for first time hair removal for my grand son who is 11 months old by tirupati exp which is schedule to arrival at 01.30 pm.

    We are not getting room accomodation in tirumala on 02 Nov 2016.

    Please guide me how to get accomodaiton for 32 persons and to get bus for tirumala.

  6. Dear Sir,

    We are going to Tirumala for Lord Venkateswara Darshan on 30 December and as there are few rooms we booked some Rs.500 and some Rs. 600 Rooms , are these two types at the same place ? and how long it will take for allotment of rooms and where to go for this at Tirumala,

    Also we are planning to stay at Tirupathi on 31 December to visit Tiruchanur,Srikalahasti and Kanipakam, for this, is the time enough to Visit all these temples and take train on 1st January at Tirupati to stay Which is better Madhavam or Vishnu Nivasam

    • Dear Sir,
      Room will not take more than 20 mins at APR counter , CRO office Tirumala. Madhavam is preferable for the stay.
      If it is by bus then you can visit all these places.
      If it is by taxi, then you can visit Golden temple, Chandragiri Fort, Agastheeswara Swamy temple, kanipakkam, Srinivasa mangapuram, Tiruchanoor temple in a day.
      And Sri Kalahasti on the second day

  7. Hi Sir, I am planning to come to Tirupathi this weekend. I have to to alipiri steps from the airport. Which is the best way to reach there if so tell me the bus timings.

  8. Dear kamal ji

    I will be reaching Tirupathi on 3rd Sep 9;30 am by train, we have 3 persons including my child. could u advise me reg our stay over there. Our darshan on 3rd sep at 18;00 hrs. This is our first trip. Pl give complete information like transport from tirupathi to tirumala, accomadation… it will helpful to others also.


  9. It will be very useful if you can share which travels will be safe, good for family to book for car package

  10. Hi Kamal, Can you please suggest which will be the convenient mode of transport from chennai southern suburbs to Tirupati – bus or train? Can a car be arranged as package to pick up from Tirupati railway station or Bus stop to tirumala and drop back. What will be the approx cost if it’s one day trip. Thanks!

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