Divya Darshan Token Timings

Divya Darshan Token Timings, Tirumala - Tirupati

Divya Darshan Token Timings, Alipiri Mettu is available for 24 hours and Divya Darshan Token Counters are also available, During Festival Seasons TTD will stop issuing Divya Darshan Tokens.

Sri Vari Mettu is open from 9 A.M To 6 P.M and Divya Darshan Token Counters are available between 9 a.m and 6 p.m. During Brahmotsavam and other rush period, Divya Darshan Token Counters will be closed.


Divya Darshna Tokens is issued to all Pilgrims who Climb Hills through Alipiri Mettu or Sri Vari Mettu.

Divya Darshan Tokens Tickets are issued at Free of Cost, Pilgrims can avail this benefit while trekking.

Divya Darshan Token Counters are available along the path, Divya Darshan Ticket is issued using Bio Metric process.

Alipiri Mettu is open for 24 hours so Pilgrims who climb Tirumala Hills through Alipiri Mettu can get Divya Darshan Tokens at Gali Gopuram.

And for Pilgrims who climb Hills through Sri Vari Mettu do have such facility on the way.


General Question and Answer on Divya Darshan Tokens Tirumala

1) Divya Darshan Tokens are non transferable, If a devotee is not going to use Darshan Ticket then it will be Void.

2) It is not mandatory to get Divya Darshan Tickets, if Pilgrims already holding tickets can ignore this, so that other Pilgrims can benefit from that.

3) Pilgrim don't have choice to choose Divya Darshan Token Timings, It generates next available Darshan Slot.

4) Accommodation is not provided along with Divya Darshan Tokens, Pilgrim should check at CRO Office Tirumala for Accommodation separately.

5) While climbing Hills, Pilgrims can deposit Luggage at T.T.D Free Luggage Deposit Center, which is available at the Entrance of Alipiri Mettu and Sri Vari Mettu.


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  1. Hello sir,
    I am planning to do Dhivya dharshan on 18 January. If I come there early morning . how long will it take to see Lord.


  2. How long will it take for Divya Darshan today 15th?

  3. Hi sir
    Which o’clock opening of laddu token counter?

  4. There are no Divyam darshan tickets available for next 15 day, if I go inSarvaa darshan queue on Tuesday 10th Jan then how long will it take for darshan.
    Also when should I stand in Sarvanandarshan queue so that it will take less time for darshan?
    Please help.

    • HI Sir,

      you will get divya darshan from 10th onwards but little crowd will be there it may takes 4-5 hrs for darshan.


  5. How much time divya darshanam ticket valid after taken by piligrims to go to darshanam?

  6. How long will it take for Sarva darshanam on 9th Jan 2017

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