By Walk to Tirumala Hills

By Walk to Tirumala Hills

  • Alipiri Mettu
  • Sri Vaari Mettu
  • Useful Information

Total Distance: 9 Km

No.of Steps: 3550

Usual time to reach Vaikuntam : 3 - 4 Hours (varies from person to person)

Alipiri Mettu is opened for 24 hours so pilgrims can start their journey anytime.

Alipiri Mettu is 4 Km from Tirupati Bus station and Railway Station.

T.T.D runs Free buses from Railway station, Bus Station and T.T.D Cottages in Tirupati to Alipiri Mettu. Devotees who wish to go by walk to tirumala hills can use this facility.

free bus tirumala1


Detail plan of Alipiri foot path ( Please click on map below to enlarge)

Devotees can find Garuda statue right at foot of Seshachalam hills(ALIPIRI Entrance)

IMG-20140914-WA0010 copy


Garuda statue copy

ALIPIRI literally means resting place. In olden days devotees used to climb seven hills by foot, as there was no other option. Hence devotees who came from long distances used to take rest for some time there before starting the journey

Gaali Gopuram3 copy

Please do visit Sri Vaari Paadala Mandapam before taking steps

Alipiri mettu

IMG-20140914-WA0008 copy

IMG-20140914-WA0007 copy


Initial 2083 steps will be more time taking, so I would advise not to go fast at while taking steps as you need much energy at later point. These initial steps are very steep and you can always relax for a while by looking at the beauty around. whenever you feel like tired relax and the cool breeze will takeout stress and strain from you. You can take the support of railings to halt and proceed. Most of the path is covered with concrete roof, so you need not worry about sunlight or rains. TTD has done a great job by making this path so easy to keep going.

foot step3

foot steps4

On the way to Gaali Gopuram

Gali Gopuram view while on the way


Gaali Gopuram copy

Once you reach to elevated place GAALI GOPURAM,  city. Soon after reaching top, there are many shopkeepers who sell refreshments including tiffin items at a nominal cost. If you are too tired, take a break for sometime here and then proceed. From this point onwards the walk would be smoother for next 6 km since the path is more or less flat and you wouldn’t feel the steepness.

Gaali Gopuram with Sanku Chakram copy

There is a Free Divya Darshan Bio-Metric Token facility is available at GAALI GOPURAM Entrance. And it is open for 24 hours. If the crowd is quite high then T.T.D Will cancel FREE DIVYA DARSHAN Tokens on Saturday, Sunday and Thursday with Prior notice.

After collecting Token pilgrim need to report within 24 hours and do remember that token is not interchangeable

From here on it is going to be smooth walk. After walking couple of Kms from Gaali Gopuram, you will reach Sri Prasanna Anjaneya Swamy Statue which is on 7Th mile from Alipiri.

anjaneya1 copy

Steps pattern will be of this similar pattern right from GAALI GOPURAM till Mokaalla parvatham

foot step5

You can find deer park while on the way to Mokalla parvatham.

Deer Park



Divya Darshan Token Checking point at step 2850, Divya Darshan token to be stamped for verification without stamping token is not valid 

Till Mokalla parvatham it is a simple walk with little effort

Mokaalla parvatham which stands at Step No. 2910 is of 300-400 steep steps, which culminate at the entrance of Tirumala itself.

Mokaalla parvatham

foot step6

After reaching TIRUMALA please do collect your luggage at Luggage center

Tirumala Entrace Tirumala Entrace2 copy



Total Distance: 2.1 Km from Srivari Mettu footpath Entrance

No.of Steps: 2388

Usual Time to Reach Vaikuntam: 1.5 - 2 hours

Distance from Tirupati: 17. km

Divya Darshan tokens are issued along the path at 1200th Step i.e 1.4 km from Srivari Mettu entrance.


Vehicle Parking at Sri Vari Mettu:

Parking is available for Private Vehicles at Sri Vari Mettu. Vehicles can be collected next day at your convenience. Though path closes by 5:30 pm, security vigilance will be there for 24 hours.

Two Wheeler and Four Wheelers can be parked here.


T.T.D runs two free buses which start at 4 A.M and is available in Time gap of 45 mins.

Bus Route map : Railway Station ->Bus station -> Srinivasam -> Alipiri -> S.V.Zoological Park -> Srinivasa Mangapuram -> Srivari Mettu

A.P.S.R.T.C do run two buses with minimum paid and is available from 4 A.M.  Bus No.151 S runs from Railway station to Srivari Mettu.Bus Route map : Tirupati Bus Station -> Railway Station -> Srinivasa Mangapuram -> Sri Vari Mettu

if free buses are not available then there is an alternate way that you can get into bus which goes to Piler, Madanapalli, Baakarapeta, Ramgampeta,Bheemavaram and then get down at Srinivasa Mangapuram Temple(15 km from Tirupati).


Sri vaari mettu 6 Km (Approx) from Srinivaasa Mangapuram and Srinivasa Mangapuram is 11 Km from Alipiri Entrance.

At present, devotees are allowed to trek along the footpath between 6.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. in the evening. The route remains strictly closed at night.

Facilities along the Path:

1) There is a drinking water sink every 50-60 steps – so NO problems with drinking water – the water is tasty and sweet
2) About 6-7 toilets are there in the whole path – so toilets are available about every 350-400 steps !
3) Sunshades covers almost the entire path – no problems even if it is sunny. Lots of people sit on the sides of the steps – there is space and it is clean.


Sri Vari Mettu Trekking

Srivari Mettu is a much older pedestrian path to the hill shrine than from Alipiri mettu and is believed to have been used by legendary Emperor Srikrishnadevaraya in the 16th century.However, it had remained defunct for many years before TTD had renovated it a couple of years ago and started encouraging pilgrims to use that path.
The decision to renovate Srivari Mettu was taken keeping in view the number of pilgrims trekking to Tirumala growing steadily.
Divya Darshan, a quick and free darshan along with free accommodation and food, also lures pilgrims to tread this path.

Srivaari mettu, which means the shoes of the god. All devotees offer their prayers to the deity and keep their shoes on their head.  Now there is a huge change in the path way, T.T.D renovated the path with a roof covering to protect devotees from sun light and rain and lighting is provided.

T.T.D has been providing all facilities to devotees along the foot way.  T.T.D gives utmost priority to the pilgrims’ safety and security.Medical assistance is available all the way. Toilets are available through the entire way.

Tourists can reach Srivaari Mettu foot way starting point through T.T.D free buses which runs from Railway station, Bus station and Alipiri.

Auto and Taxi are available for hire to reach basement of sri vaari mettu.

free bus tirumala1

Unlike ALIPIRI METTU, Sri VAARI METTU don't have any walk

TTD free luggage counter is available at Srinivasa Managpuram Temple, who does the luggage transportation to hill shrine. Luggage can be collected from Luggage Room, Opposite MBC 37 in Tirumala

I would advise not to take steps fast as you need much energy at later point. Whenever you are tired relax by seating next to the steps for a while by looking at the beauty around. whenever you feel like tired relax and the cool breeze will takeout stress and strain from you.

srivaari mettu

You can take the support of railings to halt and proceed. Most of the path is covered with concrete roof, so you need not worry about sunlight or rains.


After covering a distance of 1250 steps, There is a free Divya Darshan Bio-Metric Token facility is available.

After collecting Token pilgrim need to report as specified in the token and do remember that token is not interchangeable

srivaari mettu3

Drinking water taps are available through out the path so you don't need to carry water bottle. Through out the way good lighting and Fiber Shelter is provided. And announcements are being made using speakers to update pilgrims with Divya Darshan tickets and Timings.

water supply 2

while on the way, you can find shopkeepers selling refreshments including snacks at a nominal cost.

srivari mettu copy

Divya Darshan Token Checking point at step 2050, Divya Darshan token to be stamped for verification without stamping token is not valid 

While on the path you will find people decorating each step with Pasupu(Turmeric), Kumkum and burning Camphor. Devotees whose wishes are fulfilled will do this activity.

Pilgrims are advised to go through this route in the daylight for better experience


  • TTD runs free buses from Tirupati Railway station to Alipiri with a frequency of 40 minutes. Pilgrims who intend to walk up the hills can use these buses right from 4 a.m.
  • TTD runs free buses from Tirupati Railway station to Sri Vaari mettu at a frequency of 90 mins
  • Sri Vaari mettu, devotees are allowed to trek along the footpath between 6.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m. in the evening. The route remains strictly closed at night
  • For devotees who are planning to take Sri Vaari mettu, you can take buses going to Piler, Madanapalli, Baakarapeta, Ramgampeta and get down at Srinivasa Mangapuram Temple.
  • Private vehicle can be parked at Balaji Link Bus Station at ALIPIRI if you are going by walk.
  • Free buses in Tirumala are known as "Dharma Radhams" at frequency of 3 minutes
  • I would suggest you to start taking the pedestrian path without any foot ware since Tirumal Hills is considered holy and sacred
  • Free transport of the Pilgrims luggage from the bottom to the Top of Hill.
  • Free accommodation is available for piligrims in PACs (Pilgrim Amenities Complex)
  • Free tonsuring at Kalyanakatta,
  • Free meals available at Matrusri Tarigonda Vengamamba Annaprasada Bhavan or at PAC II
  • Most of the path is made of long stone slabs which are firmly cemented
  • Water supply is provided along the way.
  • Toilets for both ladies and Gents are available through out the path.
  • Well lit path way and security guards to ensure safety of the pilgrims.
  • Small restaurants along the way for refreshments and snacks.
  • Pedestrians are advised to go through this route in the daylight for better experience
  • Luggage depositing centers are available at Srivari Mettu and Alipiri Mettu Entrance.
  • It takes 3 hours for the luggage to reach Tirumala



  1. Hi Kishore,

    We are reaching renigunta at 1am probably we reach at 2am to alipiri.
    Is there any timings for walk??
    Is it close mornign untill 5am or some timings??

  2. We r planing to climb tirupati Hill, Which s good 300rs special darshana ticket s good or any other??
    If climbing 300special ticket is needed.
    What u would suggest?

  3. I am reaching to tirumala on 14th Jan 2017. Unfortunately e tickets for darshan are not available so I am planning for paad yatra.. which is the best route for paad yatra.. and approx. How much time it Will take.. do we require any e tickets for darshan by paad yatra

    • HI Sir,

      there are 2 ways to reach tirumala one is alipiri mettu and other one is srivari mettu, alipiri will be opening 24 hrs no time restriction and long distance and for srivari mettu distance is short and it will be open from 6 Am to 4:30 PM.


  4. Hi,

    I have planned to dashan in feb with my my family. Me and my wife going by steps. So I will get free darshan for both of us. I am planing to take special darshan for my other family members. So all of US will need to go same GATE and TIME ? And free accomadation is secure for family ? did they allow my other family members to that free accoimation (who are coming by bus to tirumala) ? any suggestions please..
    thank you.

    • HI Madam,

      You both will get the different darshan cannot go in the same line you can book the accomadation through the online .


  5. Plan to go Tirumala Through Chandragiri Sri Vari Mettu kindly send me how to reach from Rail way station

    • HI Sir,

      From tirupathi bus stand catch the madanapalli or piler buses and get down at srinivasmangapuram and then auto available to reach srivarimettu.


  6. Hi..V r gping to tirupathi on feb 2nd and want to go by walk via srivari mettu route. I have a 9mths kid. Do u suggest this route with a small kid? Will it b safe,bcz it is less used than alipiri ? Are there any refreshments available along the path. Plz provide the information.thank u.

    • HI MAdam,

      yes madam it is the shortest way to reach the tirumala with a baby also safe no worries also refreshments available on the way.


  7. When does the srimettlu gate opens for piligrims to start in the morning..

  8. I’m reaching Tirupati by 2pm and once I check in to my hotel I will be starting to walk from down at 3pm. If I carry a mobile with me , can I keep phone in locker when I reach Tirumala. Will there be lot of time wasted to do this activity.

  9. Hi,
    At Srivarimetlu is there any luggage depositing centre. Pl let me know.

  10. HI, Kishore

    At Srivairmettu is there any luggage centre to carry the lugguage to tirumala

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