Akasa Lingam Sri Kalahasti Hills

Akasa Lingam Sri Kalahasti Hills

Akasa Lingam Sri Kalahasti Hills - It is located at the highest peak point of Sri Kalahasthi Hill Ranges.

Lord Venkateswara Foot print do exists here. Earlier Sri Kalahasthi Devasthanam used to lit Kartheeka Deepam here during Kartheeka Masam. Shaivites used to visit this place as do meditation here. Lord Siva as Air (One in Pancha Bootham) exists here.


How to reach this place?

This place comes after Veyyi Lingala Kona (Sahsra Lingala Kona).


Akasa Lingam Sri Kalahasti Hills Photo - Gallery


Please leave comment below if you are interested in Spiritual trekking to this place which is located at Sri Kalahasti Hills.



  1. respected sir we are planning to come on 12 oct 2016 to the temple to perform the kalasarpa puja are there any restrictions on that day please guide us

  2. sir my date of birth 07/25/1990

  3. how much distance this place from Kalahasti temple?

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